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About Us

Al Saify Group, founded by young entrepreneur Kifah Al Saify in Lebanon 3 years ago, is a consulting and service company offering educational, travel and tourism, medical and dental tourism, legal consultation, business consultation, investment plans, and real estate services. With a strong focus on innovation and digital transformation, the company has expanded across multiple countries, including the UAE and Georgia. Recognized for excellence, sustainability, and community development, Al Saify Group continues to grow and adapt to meet client needs while upholding quality and commitment to its core values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading consulting and services firm, recognized for our expertise, integrity, and commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to help our clients achieve their objectives and drive sustainable growth.


Business Consultation

We provide comprehensive business consultation services designed to elevate your organization to new heights.

Car Rental

We offer convenient car rental services to meet all your transportation needs.

Consulting & Services

We empower businesses with strategic guidance and practical solutions to ensure success.


We transform individuals and organizations through comprehensive educational services for growth and success.

Investment Plans

We offer tailored investment plans services to help you maximize returns and achieve your financial goals.

We offer expert guidance and personalized support to navigate complex legal matters and achieve successful resolutions.

Medical & Dental Tourism

We offer exceptional healthcare solutions while providing a memorable travel experience.

Real Estate

We provide exceptional real estate services and investments.

Travel & Tourism

We create memorable experiences worldwide crafted with exceptional travel and tourism services.

Our Portfolio

Explore our impressive portfolio at Al Saify Group, highlighting our diverse accomplishments across education, travel, medical tourism, legal consultation, business consultation, investment plans, and real estate services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Georgia is generally considered a safe country for studying, tourism, and business activities. It has a relatively low crime rate, and the government takes measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors.

  • Georgia is an excellent destination for tourism due to its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, and a variety of outdoor activities. From ancient historical sites and UNESCO World Heritage sites to breathtaking mountains, valleys, and vineyards, Georgia offers diverse landscapes to explore.

  • Georgia provides a conducive environment for business and investment. With its streamlined regulations, competitive tax rates, and strategic location, it attracts entrepreneurs and investors seeking growth opportunities. The country's entrepreneurial culture, supportive government initiatives, and ongoing infrastructure development further enhance its appeal. Georgia's free trade agreements and flourishing tourism industry also create favorable conditions for business expansion. Overall, Georgia presents an inviting landscape for establishing and investing in businesses.

    • Copy of Passport
    • High school certificate

  • In Tbilisi universities, English is commonly used as the medium of instruction for various programs and courses. Many universities in Tbilisi offer English-taught programs to accommodate international students.

  • Unfortunately, there are no scholarships.

    • Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Nursing and Health Sciences
    • Engineering and Technology: Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Aircraft, Maritime, computer science IT, Biomedical, Water
    • Business and Economics
    • Faculty of Flight training: flight exploitation of aircraft(Pilot) A22+Tecnam Cessna+Tecnam
    • Natural Sciences
    • Maritime
    • Law and Legal Studies: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) degrees.
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Yes, if the student knows Georgian language.

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